Friday, July 18, 2014

Shout Outs & Shame Ons Vol 2

Do you ever have a really awesome Friday that also kind of sucks? Welcome to my today.

Shame Ons:

The dumb biker who went through a red light on my commute, for making me wait at my green for him to finish crossing and for giving us law-abiding bikers a bad reputation.

Canon's MX922 printer, for being defective and making me spend several hours trying to fix it.

Customer Service Rep at Canon who told me to "unplug, wait ten seconds, and plug it back in"....guess what...THAT DIDN'T HELP.

My fellow block members, for posting No Parking signs on my street for tomorrow's block party--no, I don't mind the No Parking--what I mean is: my fellow block members, for not inviting me to tomorrow's block party. I've lived at this address for three years, you'd think that would warrant an invitation. Or maybe more of a heads-up than a No Parking sign posted the night before the party. RUDE.

Shout Outs: (I'm hoping this list grows as the night goes on.)

DAN, the second Canon Customer Service Rep I spoke to gets the A++ Shout Out of the Day for helping me through printer troubleshooting at work. When our combined efforts still didn't fix the issue, he decided to send a replacement, but before that he calmly brought down my stress levels with his joking and easygoing manner.

Dan, another shout out for these great one-liners: "It's easier than falling off a log, and only half as dangerous!" and "I have no musical talent...I can play a mean radio though!"

Zappos, for free returns.

Freeze Pops, for never disappointing.

My bed, for never judging.

My past self, for washing dishes before I went to work.

Redbox, for the random free movie and weekend movie discount.

My neighbors, for playing their radio loud enough for me to not have to play my own music. (Okay, yes, this started as a Shame On...but I'm in a better mood after recounting the good stuff, so this is now a not-sarcastic Shout Out.)

This video.

My dinner, for hopefully manifesting itself soon...? I guess I should work on that. I hope everyone had a challenging yet rewarding Friday. Have a good weekend!

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