Sunday, July 27, 2014

Sunday Night Survey: SoLoNoHum Edition

After several weekends full of activity and before the final rush of summer (three more weddings, boyfriend's birthday, my birthday, community reunion, anniversary party, mom/daughter trip), I savored this weekend of staying in SoLoNoHum*. Here's how it went down (in no particular order):

Making: new friends
Cooking: nachos
Ordering: Thai delivery
Drinking: water and wine and iced coffee
Reading: White Teeth by Zadie Smith
Writing: cover letters
Getting tired of: how long it takes my bangs to grow out
Rediscovering: the power of hairspray
Wanting: a new phone
Waiting: one week for it to be eligible for an upgrade
Looking: both ways before I cross the street
Playing: LEGO Harry Potter
Wishing: I didn't always hear my neighbor's conversations
Eavesdropping: nonetheless
Watching: season 2 of Orange is the New Black
Watering: my tomatoes...when I remember
Enjoying: the comfort of routine
Also Enjoying: exploring new places
Wondering: if all Bachelorette parties have to be 80s themed
Loving: the mild temperatures
Hating: the humidity
Opening: a new pair of contacts
Walking: through the Logan Square Farmers Market
Noticing: how people (women) in my neighborhood express themselves (tattoos, quirky shoes, tote bags)
Smelling: a storm
Hoping: my bike doesn't mind a little rain
Needing: this mid-summer recharge 
Wearing: dresses and sweats
Breaking in: new sandals
Feeling: a new blister on my heel
Following: one man's journey to tell his wife he loves her for 100 days
Forgetting: what day (date) it is when we get this far into summer
Thinking: I should be old enough to remember July AND August have 31 days
Knowing: I'm not the only one who still has to do the knuckle trick 

*South of Logan Square/North of Humboldt Park...not a real Chicago neighborhood

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