Sunday, July 13, 2014

Sunday Night Survey: Wedding Weekend Edition

I'm home from a weekend of long travel and wedding fun. My bags are unpacked, but I won't be doing laundry just yet. I have emails to catch up on, books to revisit, and a second dinner to snack on. Let's take stock of what else is going on around here:

Cooking: nada...grabbed dinner from Chipotle
Drinking: root beer & LOTS of water
Reading: articles on the internet/the last book in a series
Wanting: more time with my family
Looking: at pictures from the weekend
Wishing: I was better at taking more pictures

Planning: my next trip home
Enjoying: the cool breeze coming in through my window
Liking: the fact that I made my bed before leaving town on Friday
Wondering: if I forgot anything at my parents' house
Loving: all the activities of the summer
Hoping: I fall asleep fast tonight
Needing: to shower
Smelling: like I've been traveling since early this afternoon
Wearing: leggings & a shirt dress from Target
Noticing: how swollen my ankles are 
Thinking: I don't want to go to work tomorrow

Knowing: I've got to go back sometime
Bookmarking: articles on Medium
Feeling: tired/full/content

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