Tuesday, July 22, 2014


Last year, Jesus and I biked a marathon--not an organized one, we just biked for the better part of a day and it ended up being just over 26 miles. This year we biked almost the same route and when we got home and mapped it online, it turned out to be exactly 26.2 miles. I highly recommend marathon biking--especially when you spread it out over eight hours.
Last year he did a handstand in this same spot...next year, who knows what he'll do.
Our route/schedule was similar to last year: Montrose Beach for gymnastics, then a leisurely bike down the lakefront path to McCormick Place for a free fitness (read: running) expo. We skipped the getting lost downtown part and having dinner at Navy Pier in favor of spending time at a few of our semi-regular hangouts: Myopic Books, Santullo's, and home.
The view of Northerly Island from McCormick Place...it's so relaxing to watch boats come in and out of the harbor.
[We did pass Navy Pier thanks to a bike path detour. I again asked Jesus if he wanted to ride the Ferris wheel, and he again declined. I'll ask again next year. (And the next and the next and the next....)]

We also added in another stop to the beginning of our day: breakfast with Andrea and Greg! We met at Over Easy Cafe and took in some complementary coffee before our table was ready. Then over some great scrambled eggs and french toast, we caught up--it's been three years since we've seen each other!--and decided next time the kiddos HAD to come along.

A whale filled with plastic water bottles...and the Buckingham Fountain strategically captured behind it like its blowhole.
Once we got home (a little more tired than last year--maybe we didn't grab as many B vitamins at the expo?), we started season 2 of The X-Files. There's something about early 90s TV that appeals to us. (We're watching Sliders next.)

Now Jesus just has to get a bike of his own (he borrowed Brit's) so we can keep bike-venturing in the second half of the summer. A trip to the botanical gardens perhaps?
It takes a real man to ride a lady's bike...in his girlfriend's shorts.

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