Friday, July 18, 2014

Juicy/Jucy Lucy

Did you recently come up on some grass fed beef at your Aldi? Need to use up some leftover buns from a Fourth of July cookout? Want to try a fun twist on a classic? Grill some Juicy/Jucy Lucys tonight!

All I know of the "history" of the JL is that it's from Minnesota. This Wikipedia article details more of the Who Did It First debate. None of that really concerns me. What I wanted to discover when I decided to try out this inside-out cheeseburger was if it lived up to the hype. Answer: Yes...ish.

The truth is, whether you put your cheese inside or on top of your burger, you're getting cheese and beef between two buns and that's always going to be pretty awesome. The joy of hamburgers, for me at least, has always been in the toppings and condiments. Regardless, it's something to try. And it's dinner on the table.

Start with your beef. Do what you do with your hamburgers: salt, pepper, etc, and form into patties.
Slap some cheese on the middle of each patty and bring up the sides, completely covering the cheese in the beef. Reform into a patty, keeping the cheese on the inside.
Grill burgers as normal. Keep in mind the cheese will get hot, melt, and possibly shoot out the side of the burger as you cook. If not, it will definitely do so when you bite into it--be careful not to burn your tongue!
Dress your burger to your tastes (mine: sauteed mushrooms and onions, lettuce, and mustard). Dig in!

Happy Friday!

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