Monday, March 31, 2014

Recipe Poetry

How do we say goodbye to Nutrition Month and hello to Poetry Month? With some rhyming recipes, of course. Unfortunately, the only example I could find of an actual recipe for food that rhymes was on this Wikipedia page. There are also a couple here, in this article about "food laureates" (aka, How Do I Get That Job?). If you Google "rhyming recipe," most of what you find will be for "Friendship" or "A Happy Family" or some other non-food item. Apparently, though, rhyming recipes used to be all the rage for housewives who had lots to remember. Good thing we have Pinterest now!

My last foodie endeavor was a bbq chicken, bacon, and pineapple pizza last night. While that may not sound "nutritious," let me just remind you that chicken and bacon = protein, pineapple = vitamins C, B-6, and A, and barbecue sauce = happy endorphins. I consider pretty much anything made at home from scratch to be good for you, in a body/mind/soul kind of way. I controlled all the ingredients, spent quality time preparing a meal with my boyfriend, and we enjoyed the fruits of our labor together. Also, just look at that thing. Wowza.

If food doesn't inspire you to write poetry, I don't know what would.

Order Up

"Do you want cilantro?"
I bent down into the fridge
to pull out toppings.
You kept at your tasks:
chop veggies,
shred cheese,
slice bacon.
I paced around the kitchen,
going from one odd job
to the next
like a short order chef trying to keep up
with the lunchtime rush.
When our shift finished,
we ate in the living room,
leaving the dishes for later.

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