Sunday, March 30, 2014

Be the Good You Want to See

It's crazy to think we had a Simple Living Challenge every week during MercyWorks. The weeks go by so quickly and I barely have a handle on the challenge before it switches. Last week was a little easier. Be nice to myself: eat right (already do that), get enough sleep (not a problem), and exercise (I can manage that for a week). This week, we're turning that goodwill outward and doing something nice for someone else.

So far, my random acts of kindness have been geared towards spring cleaning--both at home and at work. My roommates were/are on spring break (along with M), so I've had a lot of time to myself to sweep, dust, wash, and organize. Other things I can do: smile, say thank you, share, help--all just to be nice, not because I'm expecting anything in return. This week is about doing what Jesus would do.

This week is also the end of the month. Soon we'll switch gears from nutrition to poetry--more on that tomorrow. For today, let's be grateful for the sunshine and pay our gratitude forward. I for one have a sun-filled porch and a stack of books calling my name.

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