Thursday, June 6, 2013

Boys of Summer

Wow, there is a lot going on right now! With M out of school, work now consists of entertaining a teenager while juggling regular responsibilities. The other day I took him and several friends to the beach (mind you, it's not quite beach season--the temps have been in the 60s/low 70s--these kids are super thirsty for summer).

What was supposed to be a relaxing afternoon turned into a production when more and more kids (read: girls) kept showing up. I settled in to watch the social experiment unfold in front of me as playing water volleyball turned into a boys vs girls splash fight, then a full on water fight including buckets of lake water and a lot of screaming middle school girls. I tried to stay out of all of it (one, because I wasn't responsible for ALL of the kids, only about four of them, and two, because M told me he would be embarrassed with me around), but when they started throwing buckets of water around the beach I reminded them to stay away from other people (like me--I was also trying to read). Another couple also gave them a warning when they got too close for comfort: "Go away. The beach is huge."

Eventually, parents reigned in the madness (not in person, via the iPhones all the kids seemed to have) and little by little the kids left to go home, leaving me with my original four guys. We listened to the radio as I drove them home; M kept it on the cool stations. These guys weren't self-conscious enough to not sing along, though (to the female vocals on most deep voices here).

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