Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Date Night: Take Two

Either because we can't stand the thought of the universe beating us, or because working out and renting a movie is the basic shape our date nights take, Jesus and I recreated the failed parts of Sunday night on Tuesday.

We began our adventure closer to 7:30 than 9:30, which in itself helped things go smoother. I checked for sewage gutter puddles before getting in the car and Planet Fitness was open, tootsie rolls waiting for us (me). I remembered my wallet for the Redbox, and thanks to a customer service representative sympathetic to our previous situation, we had a credit towards one free rental.

We kept dinner simple with some sushi from Walgreens (we're addicted, it's another of our date night/guilty pleasure staples) and leftover cheesy beany (a Naw original, it is what it sounds like: cheese and beans) while we settled in to our double feature: Brave and Cirque du Soleil: Worlds Away.

I wasn't excited about Brave when it first came out--those accents turned me way off--but I found it really enjoyable and only a little predictable (it is a children's movie, so that's forgivable). Worlds Away was another pleasant surprise with its stunts and acrobatics. It kept me awake past my typical bedtime, so there's review enough.

Tuesday night went infinitely better than Sunday. Jesus and I redeemed ourselves and the universe is right again. (My dramatics remain constant.)

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