Thursday, June 27, 2013

Kitchen Strike

I'm avoiding my kitchen this week. It's too hot to cook and as much as I love making my own food, some weeks I don't want to do anything after work, especially washing all the dishes that cooking creates.

Diego, Brit, and I grilled out on Saturday for the Hawks game, only doing basic prep in the kitchen. On Sunday, Jesus and I ate Jimmy Johns. Monday, Brooke ordered pizza from My Pie for us to eat during the hockey game. Jesus and I went to Native Foods for vegan fare on Tuesday, then Tastee Freez for decidedly non-vegan ice cream afterwards. Yesterday marked a semi-return to the kitchen, but only to mix together ingredients for granola bars (minimal effort required) and bake an already prepared pizza from Homemade Pizza.

I don't anticipate a full return to meal preparation until at least next week--tonight I will be busy packing for a weekend at home, and tomorrow I will be on the road. Even at work I'm keeping dinner duties light with grilling and take-and-bakes. Sorry, Kitchen, we need to take a break.

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