Sunday, June 9, 2013

Then We Came to the End

After a series of unenlightening and dull books, I've finally found one that I plan on reading in its entirety. Then We Came to the End is the first novel of writer Joshua Ferris. It's a story of 9-to-5 office life in an age of economic recession and unending layoffs--something that I'm sure appeals to many readers because of its familiarity, but is enjoyable to me in its foreignness.

As a house manager, I miss out on coworkers, coffee breaks, the rumor mill, and all the little tediums (is that a word?) of working in an office. While I can't say if Ferris captures corporate America, not being of that world, I can say he captures characters and the nuances of a group of people not quite friends, but more than acquaintances.

I'm glad this book came around just as the weather is screaming "BEACH!" There's nothing worse than laying out without a book to read.

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