Friday, May 31, 2013

May Showers

May is over, and with it goes M being in school, regular TV programming, and functional spring. Summer's not technically here, but America agrees that Memorial Day to Labor Day = SUMMERTIME. May was a solid, albeit crazy weather month, so I don't know how much I even needed this list.
  1. Read about a miracle. How does one define miracle? Modern or ancient? Most of the miracles I read about were physical healings, some had to do with finances, and others could really be traced back to hard work and a series of good luck breaks. 
  2. Take a nap in the afternoon. Check.
  3. Speak with precision. I try. I'm not a super eloquent speaker, but I do have my moments.
  4. Play catch. Failed at this one--I can't even think of a loophole. I didn't even catch the cold bug that briefly made it's way around our apartment.
  5. Sit in a cafe. A few weekends ago, Brit, Diego, and I hung out at Morgan Street Cafe. It reminded me of MercyWorks when I had mornings off with most of my roommates and we could do things like have lazy breakfasts.
  6. Invite an unusual guest to dinner. Like a celebrity? We generally stick to friends, coworkers, boyfriends, and family around here.
  7. Be someone on whom nothing is lost. I like to think of myself as an observant/perceptive person. If something goes over my head, I am completely aware of that fact at least.
  8. Start a journey in your mind. Check.
  9. Be extra efficient with time. Check.
  10. Write a speech. Can this also be in my mind? Because I do write speeches (dialogue) in my head.
  11. Watch a caterpillar transform into a butterfly. Gross and no.
  12. If you weren't you, who would you be? Not quite sure how this is a thing to I just think about who else I could be for the day? If I wasn't me and I could choose who to be...I really don't know. Someone just famous enough to eat in fancy places, but not so famous that I'm followed by paparazzi everywhere.
  13. Go on a picnic. It's on my summer to do list! Once there isn't so much rain in the forecast. 
  14. Spend the entire day reading a book. Ugh I wish I had a book I liked that much. My choices have been hit-and-miss lately, but mostly miss. I've got six new options on hold at the library, so hoping June fares better for reading...especially because I need something to do while sunning at the pool/beach/on my porch.
  15. Go on a trip without a destination. Like a walk/run/bike ride? I'm not about to board CTA for the fun of it. I took several casual strolls around the neighborhood this month.
  16. Talk to an elderly person. One of the receptionists at Mercy, bless her heart, is pretty much the only elderly person I came in contact with this month. She called me three times during a shift I picked up one weekend with computer questions. Once she asked how to send an email. I am not IT...I think I was just the first person she could get ahold of on the phone.
  17. Order a gift from a catalog. Who uses catalogs anymore? I ordered some dresses online.
  18. Visit a neighborhood where you used to live. I went back to the West Loop twice. There is a lot of construction happening, but the neighborhood is largely unchanged.
  19. Get angry about something and let it go. Done.
  20. Make this a day of heightened sensuality. Check.
  21. Imagine meeting your life partner. Ok.
  22. Don't watch any television. Easy.
  23. Make a tape for your grandkids. I'm not the tape-making type. I will write a letter instead. There are plenty of pictures out there of me, so they can just imagine how my voice sounds/sounded while they read.
  24. Have a professional business card. For what purpose? Business card raffle drawings.
  25. Spend the night in a new place. I rearranged my room so my bed is in a new place.
  26. Roll around the floor with an infant. I need to find myself an infant...
  27. Dine al fresco. Not quite the season. We had a few outdoor-dining-worthy days, but nothing consistent. This is also on our summer list. (Did I mention The Naw has a 50-item Summer Bucket List?)
  28. Listen to live music. On the list!
  29. Don't waste anything. I try my hardest.
  30. Float on a calm body of water. On the list! (Well, swimming at the Kummerer's is...and that generally means floating around and getting sun.)
  31. Write a description of someone you love: in my journal. 

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