Saturday, June 15, 2013

PR Fest/Stanley Cup Finals

I'm halfway through a month of 6-day work weeks. I didn't plan on starting my summer taking extra shifts, but c'est la vie. When you have one day off each week, you savor it--sleep in, lounge around, have brunch, take a nap. I also checked out a stack of books from the library and I have limitless Sudoku puzzles on my iPod. Still, we have lots left to do on our Naw Summer O' Fun list. Weather permitting, this weekend's non-lounging activities will fall under one of two categories: neighborhood festivals and hockey.

Puerto Rican Festival

None of us in the Naw can claim Puerto Rican pride (except Jesus, an honorary Naw-ian), but we live so close to Humboldt Park it seems silly not to check out the festival. The parade was earlier today, but the food/music/vendors will be out all weekend.

Stanley Cup Finals

Tonight is Game Two! I will be the first to admit to being a bandwagon/fair-weather fan (of the Blackhawks and hockey in general), but I have been following the games during the playoffs and I attentively watched Game One (instead of just having it on in the background). Growing up in a non-hockey town, I don't know enough about the game to fully appreciate it, but I'm learning!

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