Sunday, June 30, 2013

In Summer, the Song Sings Itself [william carlos williams]

The end of June/beginning of July was so eventful, I forgot that I had a list of happy things to report about! It's so much easier to "be happy" in the summer. I hate that my moods are so dependent on the weather, but the more I take note, the more I see a correlation. I checked off more than one of these things by chance, without referring to the list first--June lends itself to good times.
  1. Pick up every coin you see. I do usually pick up coins I see, unless they are nasty, but this month I had the awesome luck of finding a 20-dollar bill on the sidewalk. This was at 7 on a Sunday morning, on my way to work at Mercy, so no one was around to otherwise claim it.
  2. Eat only fresh foods. Also something I usually do, year round. The non-fresh items I eat most are canned beans.
  3. Dye an outfit or article of clothing. Or hair?
  4. Throw stones in a pond. We skipped stones into Lake Michigan on the 4th. (I know, that's July, not June.)
  5. Go camping. Definitely on my summer bucket list--will it happen this summer? I don't know. I tailgated (in July) and I'm planning a vacation to Colorado, where I will do campy things.
  6. Clean out your fridge. To eat, yes.
  7. Compose your own greeting card. I have, and I usually add my own greetings to pre-composed ones as well.
  8. Trade outfits with someone. Britney and Bailey, check.
  9. Plan a party. Britney's birthday was in early June! We made angel food cake.
  10. Take a mental health day. Yes. I try to have some mental health time every morning before work.
  11. Plan an adventure. Currently/continuing to plan vacay in CO.
  12. Forget about diets. Always.
  13. Do something naked. Ok.
  14. Thing about what the US means to you. This one was for flag day, which I completely forgot was a holiday. I am reading a novel about post-9/11 life for one family, and that has me thinking.
  15. Hire a student to do a summer job. No.
  16. Watch the full moon rise at sunset. We saw the fullest moon of 2013 in June!
  17. Fight fair. LOL...I always try fighting with Jesus and he's never about it.
  18. Work before 9 and after 5. After 5 is regular for me, before 9 happens at Mercy. Never both in the same day.
  19. Take a break from a daily habit. I've been off and on coffee as a daily habit, but that's mostly dependent on if I wake up early enough to warrant making it or if I have a caffeine headache and require it.
  20. Collaborate with a child on a project. Mercy youth are a little old to be considered "children," but I did help one guy dye his pancakes red and eggs green with food coloring...his idea.
  21. Ask for a refund. I do this a LOT for my job.
  22. Read a different newspaper. Briefly scanned the Tribune one day...I don't remember where I was. Otherwise I stick to the always free Redeye.
  23. Tell someone the story of your life. I didn't do that in June, but I did it my MercyWorks year.
  24. Hold hands with someone special. Yes.
  25. Research something. I researched where to buy curtains last month. I also taught myself some hockey facts during the Stanley Cup Finals.
  26. Pick berries. Bailey, Quinn, and I almost did that last weekend. Ooops.
  27. Carry and amulet with you. I'm not big on amulets.
  28. Think about your "giants" (the book describes these as heroes/mentors). I'm not sure that I have an actual mentor, in the traditional sense. I've always leaned on books, sometimes music.
  29. Join an organization. I'm anti-establishment.
  30. Get wet. The end of June was rainy, so.

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