Sunday, February 3, 2013

Super? Bowl

If I could only make one comment about the Super Bowl, it would be that it was underwhelming. The game was meh, the commercials were neither hilarious nor overly offensive, and even Beyonce's halftime show paled considering what I hoped to see/hear (Jay-Z). The power outage alone was a fun diversion from an otherwise basic night of TV.

I didn't care about either the Ravens or the Niners, so that right there got me off to an apathetic start. Who are these teams and who cheers for them outside of their respective cities? I have no idea. The sibling rivalry was interesting, except for the fact that no one really talked about it--I wanted to know what family dinners have been like recently and which brother each of the parents rooted for. The Niners made it interesting post-outage, but not enough to bring the game to legendary status.

As for the commercials, the Kia "Where do babies come from?" spot was cute and stuck to the truth of reproduction just enough to be believable. Beer commercials were uninspired, the one Coke ad was plain confusing (why are those four people groups in an unknown desert together?), and even the ads were blasé. 

And Beyonce, I am so sorry, but I really wanted some guest stars that weren't Destiny's Child. Holographic images aside, you are a stand alone performer. Destiny's Child was great, but like 90s great. You guys broke up for a reason, and that reason is your now stunning career. If you were going to share the stage with anyone, shouldn't it have been that other performer in your life? Or maybe Lady Gaga, aren't you guys friends?

I enjoyed the power outage because it meant that even in 2013 we are not infallible. Even at the Super Bowl things can and will go wrong and the announcers won't really know what to do with themselves. Personally, I was sure it was the beginning of a Beyonce encore, so I was ultimately disappointed. Oh well. Bring on awards season.

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