Sunday, February 10, 2013

Grammys 2013: Live Blog

Live-blogging the Golden Globes was so fun, I'm doing it for the Grammys as well. Join me back here at 7 and let's listen/watch together.

7:01 pm: What is this.

7:02 pm: Oh. Taylor Swift does Alice in Wonderland. Um...okay. Taylor, you have a pretty face and I appreciate what you are trying to do, you know, lady power and all...but remember the common denominator in all your failed relationships is you, so.

7:06 pm: Do we know what LL Cool J's hair looks like?

7:10 pm: Elton John and Ed Sheeran could be a father-son or uncle-nephew duo. Awesome. Love the song too.


7:20 pm: Adele, what a lady. I see she got a new dress. Wow, but somehow she pulls it off? Her acceptance speeches are always nice and short, as if she has a flight to catch and she just came to grab her inevitable award.

7:22 pm: Man, fun. is an amazing band. They live up to their name. If only the radio didn't overplay them to the point of extreme annoyance. As Brooke just said, you can listen to their album and feel inspired, even by their sad songs.

7:25 pm: They are actually getting rained on! So awesome. Poor instruments.

7:28 pm: Seriously with the commercials. State Farm remix, amazing. Where were these guys a week ago?

7:31 pm: John Mayer = Willy Wonka?

7:38 pm: Oh country music, how you confuse me sometimes. My comment on this performance: I like the stage/giant tree. Miranda Lambert's pink microphone is cool too. Why does she have to wear a tight glittery dress and heels while Dierks Bentley can just rock jeans and a leather jacket? Not fair.

7:39 pm: I wouldn't say Miguel is sexy himself, but his voice sure is. Wiz Khalifa, on the other hand, super sexy. Only sort of kidding--I could do with adding a shirt or some socks to that outfit, but you gotta admit the guy's got style.

7:43 pm: Did Carrie Underwood just say "golly"? Probably the cutest American Idol we've many are there again? I can only remember five.

7:46 pm: Now there's a Target commercial I can get behind.

7:50 pm: Faith Hill is beautiful.

7:51 pm: Probably could have guessed "We Are Young," for Song of the Year, although all of the nominees were played a lot on the radio this past year.

7:57 pm: I like Mumford and Sons. Can I tell any of their songs from each other? No.

8:03 pm: Ellen and Beyonce, two truly inspirational ladies who only need a first name.

8:04 pm: I wish Justin Timberlake's return to music was a bit more epic. "Suit & Tie" is cool, but it ain't no "SexyBack." Jay-Z is the best part.

8:07 pm: This song is way better. "Little Pusher Love Girl" has style.

8:12 pm: Congrats, Frank Ocean, you and your impossibly high voice. He seems humble and not used to speaking in public.

8:20 pm: Fingers crossed for Coldplay....

8:21 pm: Black Keys for "Lonely Boy," I'll take it.

8:23 pm: I've said this before, but I believe Adam Levine should only sing. His speaking voice is way to whiny for me.

8:24 pm: Yes! I love how tough Alicia Keys looks. I don't love her dress, but I don't hate it either. She's gorgeous.

8:26 pm: What a great mash-up/duet. "Daylight" and "Girl is on Fire" don't instinctively go together, but somehow that really worked.

8:27 pm: Best Pop Vocal Album: Stronger, Kelly Clarkson. Probably the last nominee I would have picked out of the five of them. She's hilarious, though. Wow.

8:36 pm: Here is what I think about Rihanna: pretty voice...not interested in anything else. Attention-seeking is one thing, but her publicity stunts are too much.

8:40 pm: I love rap collaborations. And I'm really glad Jay-Z, Kanye, Frank Ocean, and The-Dream won. Again, Frank Ocean, everyone. So cute/awkward.

8:49 pm: I love Big Easy collaborations too! Who decides which bands perform together at the Grammys? Genius. Give them a raise.

8:54 pm: Okay, okay...Kelly you have a strong voice. You deserved that Grammy.

9:09 pm: I didn't used to like Bruno Mars--he seemed too cocky, too pretty boy--but I've come around to his style. He can dance and he's funny (check out his SNL). Sting's singing voice is as distinctive as his guitar. His suit is pretty distinctive too. This collaboration rocks.

9:10 pm: I love seeing celebrities sing along to songs. They're regular people too!

9:11 pm: This collaboration still rocks, despite Rihanna and her strange dress. Brooke: "You can't go wrong with a Marley tribute."

9:13 pm: Target has really stepped up its game since the Golden Globes. Maybe they read my blog?

9:19 pm: I don't think anyone has or will ever have anything bad to say about The Lumineers.

9:21 pm: Do Jack White and Ruby Amanfu have to share a microphone? Jack White will never not creep me out. "Love Interruption" is such a good song, makes me wish I liked the guy more. That Elvis suit though.

9:25 pm: WOW KATY. Put those things away.

9:27 pm: We all called fun. for Best New Artist...Frank Ocean and The Lumineers gave them a run for their money, but you can't top what they did this past year. As for the other two nominees...who are you?

9:35 pm: Carrie Underwood = Glinda the Good Witch? What is happening on her dress? This is too much.

9:39 pm: Haha, Prince. What are you doing with your life these days?

9:41 pm: Why was "Somebody that I Used to Know" not up for Song of the Year? Kimbra = Tinkerbell?

9:44 pm: I just looked up the difference between Song and Record of the Year--Song goes to the actual song, so the songwriter, Record goes to the recording of the song, so the performer. Interesting.

9:55 pm: How do they decide who gets to be included in the In Memoriam? I mean, besides the obvious dying requirement.

9:58 pm: Once again, loving this collaboration. So random, so perfect. It's like the Grammy people picked names out of a hat.

10:11 pm: Love the entrance, Frank Ocean. The exit as well. And the whistling.

10:15 pm: Nice pregnancy joke, Adele. Can you imagine being her child? Best lullabies ever.

10:16 pm: Album of the Year, Babel, Mumford and Sons. Congrats, sirs.

10:24 pm: Yes, what I've been waiting for all night. LL Cool J performance here we go!

10:27 pm: Sick guitar solo. Not joking. Loving me some Travis Barker too.

10:30 pm: We made it. Thanks for joining me. Now off to the after party aka chips and salsa in bed!

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