Wednesday, February 13, 2013

And to Dust You Shall Return

As a period of prayer, fasting, and abstinence, Lent is usually restrictive. People give up food, pleasures, and vices. Church services are streamlined and things take on a solemn tone. I personally think February/late winter is solemn and lacking enough in pleasures, but I guess that means less temptation. We are supposed to be in mourning, and what do you know, the weather makes me horribly sad.

I don't want to give anything up this year, at least in the traditional sense. As far as food goes, I do my fair share of abstinence challenges. Giving up TV in the age of Hulu and Netflix is pointless; I will just binge on watching episodes online after Easter. What I am "giving up" can also be considered an addition to my daily routine. This year I am remembering I am dust by dusting my apartment. Sweeping. Washing dishes. Keeping things clean.

I'm giving up clutter, dirt, and (in some small way) laziness. Things will go back in their rightful places after I use them, and in this way my apartment will embody the stripped down feeling of Lent. I'm doing this because I've gotten really bad at doing my dishes (I blame MercyWorks); de-cluttering I'm pretty okay at. I want be more aware of the effect I have on the spaces I enter, and therefore more intentional about leaving things the way they were when I first got there, if not improved.

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