Thursday, February 7, 2013

Saltiest Day

Welcome to the First Annual Saltiest Day. What is Saltiest Day? A while back, on October 20 to be exact, my roommates and I decided that America needs a Saltiest Day to complement Sweetest Day. When would Saltiest Day fall on the calendar? Far enough away from Sweetest Day to offset it, and during a really crappy time of year, when things are salty anyway.

Today was the perfect salty day because:

1) It's still not Friday.
2) The weather is awful--rain and snow together, wind, cold, clouds--just awful.
3) M was in full teenage don't want to do anything mode tonight.
4) I was on the phone with AT&T for at least an hour and the problem still wasn't solved (and that was for work--we still need to call them about an issue here at home).
5) Because of the extended phone call, I nearly burnt the burgers I was cooking.
6) We had a super huge pile of dishes to do at home (it's been a salty week here)--before you start worrying about our apartment hygiene, I rolled up my sleeves and powered through them tonight.
7) I had to do all the dishes tonight.
8) We are almost out of groceries, so dinner was: onion, canned beans, cheese. (Ok, ok, that's not all that salty/strange for was actually a good dinner.)

I would go on, but this is just turning into a list of things I didn't like about today and that's depressing. Saltiest Day is almost over, bring on a less salty day and a February that's closer to being over!

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