Thursday, February 14, 2013

Same Love

Do you guys have Valentine's Day plans? Dad told me he and Mom are "making leftovers like always." I'm curious as to what the original meal was if they have leftovers all the time. I'm currently [besides blogging] cleaning up the apartment and browsing Pandora's Love Songs stations. Pandora really has a station for everything--even if you are single and hating it today, Pandora has Love Sucks Radio.

I'm feeling in a festive mood: I have two sets of Valentine's Day socks on (it's cold at work) and I have Valentine's Day cookies at my side. Other feel-good things include the Illinois Senate voting to approve gay marriage today. The House still needs to vote and Governor Quinn has to sign it into law (he said he will if it gets to him), but Illinois is on its way to marriage equality!

This song seems to be in order:

[Also to note: I'm trying to learn this song on my keyboard. It's coming along! Come over for a concert. Just not tonight. I have a date. That I need to get ready for.]

Happy Valentine's Day!

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