Saturday, February 23, 2013

Adventures Up North

The adventures Jesus and I have had so far:

St. Mary Church Fish Boil: awesome food, plus Jesus got to see my grade school.

Drinking Habits: a really funny play put on by the ShowCase Players, directed by my friend Adam, plus Jesus got to see my high school.

Playing in the Snow: Jesus learned what snow pants are and we played in my backyard for a while. Most couples make snowmen, we made snow vault boxes for back flip practicing (he practiced, I watched).

Grave Encounters 2: possibly scarier than the first?

Brunch, Dad-style: bacon, eggs, and french toast.

Grandpa and Grandma, Rachu-style: dinner with Mom's side of the family for grandparents' birthdays. Barbecue, cheesy potatoes, potato salad, pasta salad,, comfort food.

Church: Jesus is essentially a born-again Catholic by now.

Grandpa and Grandma, Kaiser-style: a quick visit with Dad's parents = Grandpa's ice cream special, raiding the candy drawer, bringing home Grandma Pretzels.

Cluzzle: the game of clay puzzles where a ball of string can be confused for a snake hugging a rock.

Vegging: video games, blogging, catching up on TV, chips, popcorn, wine.

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