Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Mardi Naw

After devouring a tray of crab dip nachos (a recipe I cobbled together from several I found online), I am about to enter a food coma on my couch. I can't let that happen because I have more indulging to do in the last few hours of Mardi Gras. Listening to President Obama give his State of the Union address isn't helping--yes, pieces of it have been interesting, but I'm not informed enough to know if he's making practical sense--his calm voice brings me closer to a trance-like state.

But no! I will not let that happen. I will drag myself to the kitchen and prepare more food because it's cold and turning the oven on warms me up, plus although I satisfied my salty cravings, I still have sweet cravings to take care of and a jar of half finished frosting in the fridge begging to be spread on some sugar cookies.

This is how I celebrate Fat Tuesday: a Cajun seafood appetizer-turned-entree paired with homemade cookies (I'll pretend they're king cake...maybe even hide a tiny baby inside one?). Add to that some sweetened iced tea and a "Mardi Gras" Pandora station, and I'm pretty sure I have the makings of an authentic New Orleans-themed night. Right?

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