Monday, January 28, 2013

Working Out at Work

It's gorgeous outside! A perfect day for a workout, but if you work/worked today, you might not have much time to get in routine exercise in the form of a run or trip to the gym. Have no fear, there are plenty of things you can do while you are at work! I present, Monday Workout at Work:

Warm Up

Why not ride your bide to work since it's such a nice day? You'll get your heart rate up and sweat a bit. We're all okay with being a little sweaty at work, right? It's not like you showered this morning or anything.

Sand Grab

Now that your muscles are nice and limber, let's go to Menard's to get some sand to sprinkle on ice. All the employees will avoid you (I guess you look particularly competent in your flannel), so it'll take some searching to find someone to help. Once you find someone in the middle of the store, they will send you back to the front to talk to a building materials representative. When you find him, he will tell you to go to the warehouse for the sand you require. Where is the warehouse? Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaayyyyyyy in the back of the store. Outside of the store, actually. Several employees will ask what you are looking for while you are on your way, and each will continue to point you to the warehouse ("the last aisle in the warehouse"), but none will offer to grab the 50 lb. bag of sand for you. You will have to find the large carts to haul the sand, push it to the end of the aisle, throw your sand on the cart, and push it back to the front of the store to check out. Then out to your car. Go ahead and wipe your dirty hands on your pants. What a work out!

Stair Run

At some point during the day, you may need to grab some groceries. Why not wait until rush hour, when not only the grocery store's lot is full, but also the spare lot it shares with the gym? Then you'll have to park at the top level. Forget the elevator--it's broken. You, my friend, are taking the stairs down to the store, then all the way back up with your arms laden with groceries. Burn those calories you just bought before you have the chance to eat them!

Cool Down

You've done a lot of running around today. Let's cool off with another bike ride. No rushes on this one--you're on your way home, take your time and let your muscles relax and stretch out. Get home and crush some protein. Maybe a glass of wine?

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