Monday, January 21, 2013

Breaking Bread

Our apartment went through three dozen eggs this weekend. That's a dozen a day. The explanation is simple: we do brunch. Brunch at the Naw has evolved from our first several weekends here--we now have a Belgian waffle maker, a full menu, and set recipes and jobs. Anyone who happens to be joining us that day (brunch time is between 11-1) also gets a job to do: chopping veggies, shredding cheese, whipping egg whites for the takes work to pull off a brunch like ours.

These meals are some of my favorites. The more people we have over, the better. The jokes we make alongside the waffles/eggs/bacon/pancakes/potatoes are nourishment themselves. I love the entertainment, the carefree attitude of the weekend, and of course our amazing food. Our brunches remind me how much I enjoy and appreciate hospitality--giving over receiving. I always find my community in meals, in making and sharing great food and better conversation.

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