Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Go Away, January!

It's miserable outside! A perfect day to eat and veg on your couch with a movie or book or Angry Birds, and if you worked today, even better! You deserve a night off.

There are plenty of words to describe this week's weather: fickle, confusing, upsetting, and disgusting come to mind. It's become a daily challenge for me to decide a) if I can bike to work or not and b) what season to dress for. Is it the dead of winter? Yes! The beginning of spring? That too! How about late fall? Why not?!

Yesterday it neared 60 degrees, so I biked. Several hours later, the temperature held, but the rain didn't. I would have been soaked by the time I got home, but before leaving work I fashioned myself a grown woman reverse diaper poncho out of a plastic bag, so at least my core was dry. Today was an entirely different story--it started off rainy (meaning CTA) and by the time I headed home it had also snowed, sleeted, and hailed. Now it's just gross outside.

On the bright side: January is almost over. February is pretty awful too, but it's only 28 days. Last year March was rather bearable. We can do this, people.

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