Friday, January 11, 2013

Friday Night

On my walk home tonight, I saw people settling into their Friday night routines: a man riding past with a 12-pack of wine strapped to his bike, dog walkers and couples out on dates, people waiting for buses, drivers checking their phones at red lights (and backed-up green lights), and kids at the skate park doing more sitting around on their bikes & the park structures than any actual tricks.

Thanks to open curtains, I also saw people preparing dinner, sitting down to dinner, and eating dinner in front of the TV. I saw a dad play jungle gym as his kids crawled all over him, white cats and black dogs, houses still clinging to the holidays with Christmas lights and decor, and houses still clinging to a football season with Bears flags flying proudly.

What did these people see? A 20-something heading home to start her own Friday routine (or a creepy lady staring in at them from the sidewalk, but you get the picture). At the Naw we like to make homemade pizzas, drink wine, listen to 90's music, and welcome guests--tonight it's Quinn!

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