Thursday, January 10, 2013

Love the One You're With

It's been one of those days, where all of these things happen:

--Forgot to put on deodorant this morning.
--Fish juice spilled out of the package I was buying and it got all over my hands at the grocery store.
--I put my hair in a bun, but it's so high I keep hitting it on things (car door, grocery shelves when I bend over to get something from the bottom shelf, knocking boxes of cookies onto the floor).
--Had a super long list of errands to run, almost all of which were time-sensitive (appointments, getting places before closing time) & I am awful at time-sensitivity.
--In all of the hectic errand-running, my appetite grew obnoxiously, so I grabbed car snacks...aka I ate a lot of candy and gave myself a headache.
--Shut the cloth belt to my sweater in the car door without realizing it, so when I got out half of my belt was soaked/dirty from flapping about outside the car.
--Came home & took a big bite of some chocolate I found in the cupboard...BAKING CHOCOLATE. So gross.

Even so, today redeemed itself with several silver linings:

--The guy at the Apple Store gave me a new power cord for free, because he was 'in a good mood.' Brilliant!
--I ended up getting the big errands done earlyish, enough so that I didn't feel rushed towards the end of the day (I over-exaggerated my timings).
--I'm pretty sure my super high bun made at least one woman envious...and I credit it for my overall errand efficiency.
--The rain let up right before I headed home, so I biked in only a light drizzle as opposed to actual rain or snow.
--My Chromebook was waiting for me at home! I left it unplugged all day and it still has several hours of power.
--Leftovers in the fridge. YESSSSSSSS.

It's like my good friend Stephen Stills sings, "If you can't have the day you want, love the day you're having." Did I quote that wrong? Sounds right enough... "If you can't quote the song you want, change the lyrics to fit what you're saying." Or write your own song.

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