Friday, January 28, 2011

On the Road Again

Most of our Community Nights from here on out have been dictated for us by the powers that be: speakers, forums, special events, and road maps will fill up our Wednesdays for a while. This week we had Road Maps, which basically means three community  members got up and told us their life story, in any way they wanted. The first three set the bar high, including visuals and interactive sections and honestly, vulnerably revealing themselves.

I don't want to say I'm nervous for my Road Map (which doesn't come until mid-March), but I am definitely unsure of how to format it. Should I write it all down, word for word, or just give myself general talking points? Should I use pictures? Actual road maps? I think what makes these nights special is that we were all given the same task, to tell our story, but each one will be completely different. Not just the substance of the stories, but the way in which we tell them. Really, that's half the story, right?


In other road map news, I spent yesterday traveling to Madison and Beloit for MercyWorks recruitment and sibling reunion. After dropping off Liz at the UW for a career fair, I drove to Edgewood to talk with a campus ministry representative about volunteering and to get lunch with Bailey and Quinn, compliments of Quinn. You know you're out of college, but not too out of college, when the outfits (sweats) and flexible time seem strange, but vaguely familiar.

After Madison, Liz and I drove to Beloit to have dinner with several students interested in social work and/or volunteering. We talked about Mercy Home, MercyWorks, and what it's like living in community and then they had the chance to ask us questions. One of the guys asked me what a normal day looked like. I didn't quite have an answer--I know what a normal day should look like, but I'm not sure if one has ever happened.


Today I have a check-in with Liz and Katie and then it's back to work. Having a Friday as my Monday can be super weird sometimes.

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