Saturday, January 22, 2011

Shedd & Chapel

This week's edition of The Thursday Adventures of the Misfits & Bandits takes place first at the Shedd Aquarium. Here's what I learned there:
  • Fish are disgusting.
  • As disgusting as fish are, I still wanted to stand and gawk at them for over an hour.
  • Aquariums don't seem as mean/confining as zoos, even though they are far more constricting if you consider the size of oceans versus the jungle.
  • Free Day at the Shedd is worth every penny.
After that, Kevin, Shannon, Kate, and I had the chance to eat dinner with six Sisters of Charity. These women were a hoot, let me tell you. From stories of children they've worked with as teachers and residential care providers to re-tellings of their days around the city, they had lots to talk about. They also had lots of questions for us. 

One of them was celebrating her 78th birthday that night, so besides the dinner meal of roast beef and mashed potatoes, we also got cake. Sister Suzanne's cake request: chocolate cake with whipped cream. It was quite tasty. Plus she kept passing around a box of chocolates for us to eat.

After dinner we joined them for vespers, their evening prayer, in the small chapel. Then we helped with dishes and cleaning the kitchen and all sat in their living room where they continued to tell us stories. I wish I had a notebook with me that night so I could remember more of them. As we left they each gave us hugs, told us to visit again, and said to bring the rest of our roommates the next time. What might be more fun, though, is having them over to our apartment for dinner. 

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