Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Feeling so Fly Like a Cheesehead

I'm assuming you all know I live in Chicago. And that the Packers beat the Bears on Sunday, clinching a spot in the playoffs and boosting their egos along the way. I had to be at work during the game, so that's where I watched it. Britney, a Chicagoan, watched in our living room and (according to Becca) spent most of the game cursing and yelling at Cutler. I tried not to trash talk before or during the game, saving it all for when I got home that night.

What was the best was that in the Chicago Sports section of the Tribune on Monday, there were literally 10 articles about different aspects of the game. I cut out all the pictures and made a photo collage on Britney's bedroom wall. So now when she wakes up she can see Hawk and Wynn taking Cutler to the ground, along with about seven other photos of victorious poses. I also found this video for some extra fun.

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