Saturday, January 1, 2011

Ciao, 2010.

Is it really January 1? Because when I look out the windows at work and see grass, clear streets, and robins jumping around in the trees I'm thinking it's April. For real--it rained yesterday so all the snow is gone, and the temps have been in the 40s.

In other strange news, I'm feeling disconnected from work. Or rather, I haven't quite gotten back into a rhythm here. Yesterday was my first back, and most of the guys were gone already for their New Year's weekend passes at home, so I still haven't seen all of them. Program is still in holiday mode and our regular structure doesn't really apply. I'm finding that, like the guys, I love having no structure but at the same time something seems to be missing here!

One thing is for certain: I couldn't ask for better roommates. Their welcome when I got back on Wednesday was amazing. It was also great to see how we reconnected so quickly after the holiday, and I love that we decided to have our own New Year's party in our apartment instead of going out somewhere. I had a wonderful night ringing in the new year by dancing to all of our favorite songs in our living room.

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