Wednesday, February 2, 2011

For the First Time in My Life, a Snow Day Means MORE Work.

I'm real disappointed meteorologists don't name winter storms. Assuming this is the first one of the year, it could have been Blizzard Annie or Winter Storm Alexander. I mean, a storm big enough to make Chicago public schools call off for the first time in a decade deserves a cooler name than Winter Storm of 2011, right?

The Mercy Home blizzard experience had its ups and downs. Most youth got sent home early from school yesterday and they were pretty hyper, but then the power went out and they got strangely quiet. To keep some sort of order, we substituted quiet time for their usual study time and most used it to take a two hour nap. With no power and the kitchens closed until at least Thursday, we had pizza delivered for dinner.

Luckily the power came back before it got too cold inside and instead we focused our energies on making fun of all the cars getting stuck in the snow drifts forming in the parking lot.

The real snowing and blowing came overnight, and by the time I had to be up and back to work at seven this morning, the drifts covered cars and left nearly all the roads nearly unnavigable. All the guys had snow days today, and so did non-direct youth care staff at Mercy. So it's just been the youth care workers here since yesterday afternoon, and many spent the night either in our guest rooms or in the other staff apartment on campus. It was a fun sleepover for some, though a little weird.

A lot of guys spent the day today helping to shovel out cars that were stuck overnight, and those who didn't brave the outdoors went to activities throughout the day: hip hop dance, basketball, musical instruments, movies, board games, cookie decorating, and video games. I also got a few to make their beds, clean their rooms, and do some laundry.

Speaking of which, now that I finally have some time off, I should do laundry. Too bad I have to help shovel out our four cars, all nearly buried. Blech.

At least we can see the Sears Tower again!
People have been walking down the middle of the streets since sidewalks aren't shoveled.
GIANT drifts

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