Wednesday, January 12, 2011


The moss green wall of the computer room at work features an obnoxious, impossible-to-miss mural, but up until recently I never sat and really looked at it. It's basically a painting of people and things smooshed together with no apparent meaning. From what I've heard, some lady painted it a while ago with inspiration from the guys living in Daley Home then; the guys in program now never comment on it. Last night at work, while three of the guys sat doing homework, I monitored them and took some time trying to interpret this incomprehensible mural.

The first thing that gets me is the gray-faced Asian lady at the top. She appears to be sitting on the red car below her, your standard red sedan only with an eye peering out from it. Also, it's balanced on a deformed globe, which in turn is balanced on a black sedan. That's weird enough. Add to that the eye's mate, sitting between the face of a lion and a brown shoe near the bottom. Off to the left, the shoe's mate hides behind a Notre Dame quarterback ready to throw a football through a hole in a giant dollar bill. A green/yellow face looks out further to the left. On the opposite side, a gorilla throws another football. The other three figures in the mural resemble a Salvador Dali or Edvard Munch painting--faces and bodies melting into the surrounding blocks of color.

Strange, right? None of these things fit together. Maybe that's why the whole thing is outlined in red: to hold them together and force them to gel. I would have sat to contemplate this mural further, but would you know it, one of the guys was using Napster to listen to Lil Wayne instead of to research techno music for a report.

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