Sunday, August 2, 2015

Sunday Night Survey: Moving Edition

A lot can change in one weekend. Like an address, for one. And roommate(s). I haven't moved in almost four years, but we (Jesus and me, with the help of our family and friends) got this one done in a few hours Friday night and a few more on Saturday. Today was for unpacking and deciding on room arrangements (for now). Tomorrow is back to teaching fellow life, but I think it'll feel a little different knowing I get to go home to my forever roommate.

Waking: up earlier and earlier, and on my own.
Celebrating: Jesus's 27th birthday with his family and my parents.
Receiving: lots of housewarming gifts.
Feeling: spoiled!
Sleeping: in my closet bedroom one last time.
Saying: my goodbyes to empty rooms.
Walking: up and down a few flights of stairs over and over again.
Buying: apartment things.
Sorting: through approximately six boxes of books. We read a LOT in our house.
Putting: away winter clothes once again.
Finding: all the things I forgot I packed.
Testing: out the best way to create air flow in the apartment.
Making and Drinking: homemade limeade.
Eating: frozen grapes.
Exploring: my new neighborhood park and grocery store.
Watching: a storm pass and
Rushing: to close the right windows.
Getting: ready for a week of regional and campus training.

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