Friday, August 21, 2015

Chain, Chain, Chain...

We all have them: our favorite chain restaurants/fast food joints. While it's nice to eat at a locally-owned or independent eatery, sometimes you want something more familiar, and something you know won't disappoint. My favorite chains go even further by serving high-quality food (think happy meats, vegan/vegetarian options, and plenty of ways to personalize the meal) that doesn't break the bank.

Favorite Burgers: Meatheads
Good For: When you want a specialty burger and a big plate of fries.
Ambiance: Meatheads feels a lot like Culver's to this Wisconsin girl - servers bring your food out to you and check in while you dine, but it's definitely casual.
Notes: I've not branched out into their non-burger options, so I can't comment on those, but the burgers are great!

Favorite Vegan: Native Foods Cafe
Good For: When you don't feel like eating animal products, or want to try something new.
Ambiance: Hip and casual.
Notes: I reviewed Native Foods in my original Vegan post, but wanted to re-establish it as one of my favorite chains.

Favorite Noodles: Noodles & Co
Good For: When you can't agree on what to have for dinner - noodles complement a lot of meals!
Ambiance: Casual and fun.
Notes: Join their email list for coupons and a free bowl during your birthday month (which reminds me...).

Favorite Mexican/Tex-Mex: Moe's Southwest Grill
Good For: When you're sick of Chipotle.
Ambiance: Fun and cool.
Notes: Guac isn't extra!

Favorite Mediterranean: Olive Mediterranean Grill
Good For: When you're in the mood for something you don't normally cook.
Ambiance: Cool and classy.
Notes: Get the schwarma. And the lentil soup. And the falafel. And pita. You know what, you just can't really go wrong here.

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