Thursday, August 20, 2015

Chicago Air & Water Show 2015

After living in Chicago for five years, I finally consciously decided to attend/watch the Air & Water Show. There's really no escaping it, since the pilots use all of the air in Chicago as their stage, but getting closer by biking to the lake front really does up the viewing factor.

Since Jesus and I weren't able to bike our traditional marathon in July, we used this weekend as a substitute. Our total mileage was closer to 15 than a full 26.2, but we plan on adding in a few more mini trips before biking season ends since we a) both have working bikes and b) live together and can schedule weekend activities.

We stayed out of the craziness right on Oak Street Beach and instead set up camp closer to Fullerton, which means we didn't see any of the "Water" part of the show, but we were amazed and delighted (and, for me, a little worried) by what we saw in the "Air" part.

If the Jazz Fest marks the beginning of the summer in Chicago, the Air & Water Show marks the beginning of the end. We still have one month to make summer count (and a few more weeks to enjoy mild weather), but I can't say I'm sad about fall being right around the corner!

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