Monday, August 10, 2015

Restaurant Reviews: An Update

Before I share a new group of favorite restaurants (and before Jesus and I find a bunch of new ones to try out in our new neighborhood), here's an update on some recent finds that weren't included in their original posts:

Pizza (original post here)

Good For: Lunch meetings/reunions with friends.
Ambiance: I've only eaten outside, which was pretty great. The train rumbles by every few minutes, giving you built in chow-down times.
Notes: The salads are huge and so is the pizza. Bring your appetite; you won't be disappointed.

Good For: Slices and Cold Ones on a hot summer night. Open late and located right off the 606!
Ambiance: Dimo's features a walk-up counter with plenty of seating. Biking and Chicago paraphernalia abound.
Notes: Originally on my To-Try List, I can now officially put Dimo's on my Favorites List. It was Ian's-esque (for my Madison peeps), but with a truly Chicago vibe.

Thai (original post here)

Thai Lagoon
Good For: a quiet solo lunch, PAD THAI!
Ambiance: lots of natural light and open seating during the day (when I went), but seems like a low-lit/intimate place at night.
Notes: One of the many Thai restaurants with "Thai" in its name, and thus on my To-Try List, Thai Lagoon wasn't a disappointment.

Mexican (original post here)

Taqueria Moran
Good For: picking up a few tacos to go.
Ambiance: Busy! When I went almost all the tables were full and people were constantly popping in to pick up to-go orders.
Notes: TM is a neighborhood favorite, and for good reason. They aren't fancy, but they know what they do well. The tacos were traditional (topped with onions and cilantro) and exactly what I expected.

Bars & Grills (original post here)

Beer Bistro
Good For: nightly specials, beers on tap, trying new things.
Ambiance: a modern bar with a traditional feel: Beer Bistro has plenty of group seating and is great for hanging out with friends old and new.
Notes: come for the specials, stay for the trivia! When I went I stumbled on trivia night. It was fun, and a great addition to our slider sampler platter (which I also recommend - 12 different (shareable) sliders plus tots!).

Coming Up Next: While they aren't the most exciting eateries, I'm putting together a post of my favorite chain restaurants. Independent spots are preferable, but I'd be lying if I said Jesus and I don't have a few fallbacks for when we can't decide/aren't feeling adventurous/want something we know. And if As The Romans Do wants to maintain reporting integrity, I've gotta share them. :)

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