Thursday, August 13, 2015

A Day for Lefties

Today (Thursday, August 13) is National Left-Hander's Day - our very own day to celebrate all that's right about being left.

While 10% of the general population is left-handed, I've historically surrounded myself with a higher number of southpaws. Jesus is also a lefty, which means 100% of my apartment can celebrate today. Out of the three high school friends I keep in consistent contact with, two share my handedness. My Teaching Fellow cohort boasts a 30% lefty rate. Even my MercyWorks community was 21% left-handed. I'd like to say it's because lefties are drawn to the human service sector (and to each other), but I have no other evidence to back that claim. I've read that 20% of Apollo astronauts were lefties, so maybe we're drawn to space as well?

Either way, despite suffering pen and pencil stains on the side of my hand and failing the scissors test, I'm glad I share this physical quirk with so many friends, a boyfriend, and quite a few celebrities. We can all enjoy our day today knowing we're the only ones in our right minds! :)

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