Sunday, June 14, 2015

Sunday Night Survey: Sweaty and Sticky Edition

Where am I at this weekend? A lot of places, mentally. Not enough, physically. A weird one, emotionally.

Taking: life day by day.
Waiting: patiently for chapters to end and to begin.
Being: purposely coy.
Celebrating: new adventures and new challenges.
Meeting: future friends, future coworkers, future thinkers, and future heartbreakers.
Soaking: in what I can.
Saying: goodbye to a huge part of my recent life.
Inhaling: several steak tacos from Taquiera Moran.
Hugging: my boyfriend for possibly the millionth time in four years.
Walking: the 606 again! (It's still crowded up there, but it's also the most direct route to Aldi.)
Rearranging: my room. Possibly for the last time? (!)
Sweating: finally, but also profusely.
Watching: the Blackhawks take the lead in the Stanley Cup Finals!
Drinking: Redd's Wicked Mango Hard Ale.
Listening: to fireworks and rain.
Waking: up to more rain. And a few ceiling leaks.
Making: Scrambled Pancakes (known as Flunkies in our house, but every German family seems to have a different name for them!).
Finishing: Saint Mazie, by Jami Attenberg.
Starting: The Spectacular Now, by Tim Tharp.
"Cooking": cilantro-lime shredded chicken (in the crock pot).
Wading: through puddles left by opened fire hydrants.
Napping: through the sticky heat of an afternoon.
Going: to Movies in the Park to see Jurassic Park.

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