Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Breaking Fasts in Chicago

Weekend Brunch has always been a happy occasion for my family and me. Growing up, Dad would either make pancakes/french toast, eggs, and bacon/sausage after church, or we would go out for brunch with extended family. I still love a slow Saturday or Sunday morning when I can drink coffee while flipping banana pancakes or scrambling eggs. Sometimes, though, I want someone else to serve me while I wake up...that's when I turn to these faithful standbys. Whether I need a quick pick me up or something to keep me going all day, these establishments have my back.

Coffee Klatch

Bang Bang Pie Shop
Good For: Sweet. Savory. Pies. And coffee!
Ambiance: Hipster-Kitsch
Notes: Not a lot of space + unique menu items means lines for Bang Bang can stretch out the door, especially on sunny weekends. Pies are limited, so call ahead to reserve!

Red June
Good For: Getting together with friends over a cuppa and a sandwich (I'd say "sammy," but then I'd hate myself).
Ambiance: Quiet, Quaint, Quirky.
Notes: They've got a walk-up window, outdoor seating, and they're local/independent! #supportlocalbusiness

Good For: Feeling literary. And caffeinated.
Ambiance: Inspiration meets Productivity. (Plus a lot of Macs, but what are you gonna do.)
Notes: These guys take coffee to another level ("Ipsento" roughly translates to "self-discovery"), plus all their sandwiches are named after writers. Win!

Full On Brunch

Kitsch'n on Roscoe
Good For: Feeling full, not bloated.
Ambiance: Pretend you woke up in a groovy diner. Now Kitsch'n is serving you breakfast. Chill, man.
Notes: This place is cozy and casual, but even better, they serve up some cool dishes without taking themselves too seriously.

Cozy Corner
Good For: Hearty meals with family, whatever "family" means to you.
Ambiance: Cozy. Hectic. Awake and Alive. "Order's Up!" With a side of hash browns.
Notes: I've only been to the Milwaukee/California location, and I've learned to come early or wait in line with the rest of Logan Square. Cozy Corner is no nonsense, which is exactly what a person needs before/during her first cup of coffee.

Over Easy Cafe
Good For: "Breakfast with a Twist." (And free coffee while you wait.)
Ambiance: Upscale yet Unpretentious.
Notes: Let's just say I won't be the last person to tell you to try the Banana-Spiked French Toast.


Victory's Banner: Vegetarian/vegan, yes. But from what I've heard, the defining characteristic of Victory's Banner is their zen service backed up by what happens to be delicious meat-free food.

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