Monday, June 22, 2015

Summer 2015

While summer's been unofficially here since the end of May, this weekend brought the official/calendar beginning of summer. And here is my official/not serious list of summer activities to partake in and moments to enjoy:

  • Read
  • Beach
  • Bike...for fun
  • Drink coffee
  • See fireworks
  • Eat/drink on a patio
  • Farmer's Market
  • Take walks
  • Slow down
I intentionally didn't list any concrete activities with dates - over-planning stresses me out and can get overwhelming, especially considering Chicago has a new festival every weekend. Let's just say there are plenty of options for me to choose from when it comes to committing to something. Plussss I left out a few (exciting) for-sure things that I know I'll be doing this summer because they are nonnegotiable (and things I won't forget to do, so I don't need a list to remember them).

I like this small, manageable list of things that mostly come natural, but can get forgotten amidst all the festivals, shows, concerts, and flashy events. And I'm excited to soak up this summer!

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