Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Halfway Point

We've somehow made it to the middle of 2015. The year is halfway over, and it's a doozy. In the span of three months, both of my roommates, my boyfriend, and I will have started new jobs. One of my roommates is moving out, someone else is moving in, and then, at the end of July, I'm moving out. It's both scary and exciting - the Naw has been my home longer than any other place, except two of the houses I grew up in. Still, I'm ready to make a new home with my forever roommate. (You know, once I actually find an apartment to move to - more on that later.)

This transitional period has forced me to hurry up and wait, then wait some more. I'm tying up loose ends at Mercy and in my #nannylife, but I can't dive in to the next phase of my life just yet. I purposely gave myself some time to reset and recharge - even though all I want to do is be there, at the next place, wherever that is.

Instead, in honor of tonight's Leap Second, I'm going to stop and be here, now. It's the only place I can be.

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