Sunday, October 26, 2014

Sunday Night Survey: 5K Edition

What a weekend! Glorious weather, a visit from my parents, pre-Halloween fun, a 5K, lots of food and laughs...I had it all these past few days. I'm so happy October turned into such a lively and activity-filled month.
Making: friends on the 5K course. (It helps when people recognize your costume.)
Smelling: someone's toots at the thrift store. (I got out of there pretty quick.)
Cooking: lasagna after a weekend of gastronomic adventures.
Eating: a fried chicken sandwich, a spicy skillet, thin crust pizza, chocolate, pastries, chips, lo mein...
Drinking: a few sips from my free race beer before confirming my distaste for beer.

Introducing: my parents to Jesus's family.
Running: 3.1 miles in my Fionna costume.
Walking: less than I ran during the 5K. Success! 
Cheering: on the young girl dressed as Frida Khalo who really didn't want to finish the 5K. (She went on to win the costume contest.)
Putting: my butt into gear for the final stretch of the race. (And beating Jesus by one second!)
Watching: The Shining.
Getting: the final touches for my Scully costume.
Buying: a tapioca/watermelon/kiwi smoothie.
Missing: my parents already...these weekends go by too fast.
Reading: Fun Home by Alison Bechdel.
Writing: book reviews and movie reviews.
Listening to: Serial. Who knew I would like a podcast so much?
Wanting: to run another 5K someday.
Needing: a recovery period first.

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