Friday, October 31, 2014

Scary Movies 2014

This October's collection of scary movies includes a classic, a new release, and a few recent randoms. While I truly enjoy a good scare, I'm excited to get back to watching "normal" things in November (up first, Obvious Child)! I'm sure I'll share a costume picture eventually...everyone have fun/be safe tonight!

Apartment 143

The trailer makes this movie seem both scarier and better quality that what it is in real life. A family starts experiencing disturbing things in their home after the death of the wife/mother. They move and all seems okay until things start happening again: doors close on their own, lights go out, things move around--so the family has a team of paranormal investigators come and check things out. The movie is made up of the collected footage from this investigation, so we get a lot of plot through interviews rather than through action. Yes, it has some good scares/freak outs, but the story just isn't there.


Here's a movie with a story. And a clearly haunted mirror. Kaylie is ready to put her past behind her, and invites her younger brother, Tim, to help her "destroy" the mirror that destroyed their family. With creepy visuals and unsettling flashbacks, Oculus weaves a tale of past and present that left me thinking about it days later.

Dead Silence

What I learned from Dead Silence is dolls are creepy and pregnant women aren't safe. This movie brought the gore along with plenty of suspenseful scenes. I like how it all tied up at the end, and while it did make me jump more than once, it wasn't so scary once the credits rolled and I turned my lights back on.


What I learned from Annabelle is dolls are creepy and pregnant women...wait a second. Yep, another haunted doll movie. This one does it better--scarier--with better acting and a more cohesive story.

The Shining

This one's been on my scary movie bucket list for a while (especially after reading the book last year), so I'm glad I finally saw it. It's definitely as suspenseful as everyone says it is! The Shining is a classic for good reason--it had Jesus and me researching background info and theories and googling facts about the making of the film.

Extras: last year's scary movie list and a scary sequel.

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