Friday, October 17, 2014

Friday Night Links 6

This week was like a weird time warp for me. My boss was on a business trip, so I stayed at work a few nights, playing the live-in nanny. The live-in nanny is always on call, even when she has most of the day to herself, so weeks like these leave me feeling out of sorts until I can come home and use my own shower and sleep in my own bed. Today I was back to my comfortable reality: sleeping in, making myself breakfast, riding my bike to and from work, and hanging out in Target for far longer than I planned. I'm feeling much better, and ready for the weekend--a belated birthday dinner tonight and volunteering at Ringside for Mercy's Sake (for my third time!).

Since Boss's Day was yesterday and Sweetest Day is tomorrow, here are some sweet bossy links. (Unrelated: sweet and bossy is how I would describe my childhood self.)


Boss Lessons from a musician.

Chicago's sweet history shows why it was the Candy Capital of the World.

How to feel like a boss.

Sweetest Day used to be October's candy-centric holiday.

10 things this blogger has learned on her way to becoming her own boss.

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