Sunday, October 12, 2014

Sunday Night Survey: The Marathon Edition

While I was not one of the 45,000 who ran 26.2 miles today, I was among those who watched. I'll never understand why running a marathon is so exciting to so many people, but if they're happy, I'm happy. And a lot of people were super happy. Like they had SMILES on their faces as they rounded the corner and headed into mile 15, where I stood. SMILES. (Along with a few tears and a lot of grimaces and sweat-wiping and snot-blowing.) Baffling.

No running for me, but I still kept busy this weekend:

Making: the most of a sunny weekend.
Smelling: crepes at the Wicker Park Farmers Market.
Cooking: stuffed acorn squash with help from Martha Stewart.
Eating: at home to save money for upcoming birthday dinners.
Drinking: a Bloody Shandy at Dunlay's on the Square.
Watching: a marathoner jog over to his two granddaughters and kiss each one on the head before continuing his race.

Crying: after witnessing such a sweet moment.
Cheering: on thousands of runners, especially my friend Megan and the many Mercy Home Heroes.
Walking: home from my marathon spot. (I guess I was inspired?)
Witnessing: the aftermath of one car accident and one bike accident on my way. Be careful, people on roads!
Putting: things into perspective.
Getting: a hair cut for the first time since January.
Buying: Aldi's Halloween Wine.
Spending: quality time with others and myself.
Wondering: where I can find a nice pair of Scully glasses.
Missing: my boyfriend and my brother, who had a bro weekend together in Madison.

Shopping: for furniture I neither need nor have room for.
Ordering: prints of my summer pictures for albums.
Reading: Xenocide by Orson Scott Card.
Writing: a to blog list, a to do list, and a wish list.
Playing: more Duolingo vocab games to retain my Spanish.
Listening to: my neighbors's 2 am off key sing-a-long and drum circle.
Wanting: time to s l o w down.
Needing: discipline.

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