Thursday, February 6, 2014

XXII Olympic Winter Games

Let the Games begin! I don't know what the rest of the country (or world) has heard so far about Sochi, but in Chicago the Olympics seem like a joke--a tragic, dangerous joke.

I've heard of Chicagoans wondering how Sochi won the bid for the Olympics while Chicago didn't--especially since it's been as cold, if not colder, than Russia these past weeks. (It should be noted that Chicago lost to Rio for a Summer bid, not to Sochi for the Winter Games, so maybe it's best if we held off comparison/complaint until 2016.) 

Still, if the Olympics are supposed to highlight the good of the host country, if they are used as a platform to show progress and prosperity, then Russia and Putin are off the mark, at least pre-Opening Ceremony. I truly hope tomorrow's festivities (and the next two weeks') prove otherwise, because the Winter Olympics could use some credibility even without Sochi's shortcomings. With only 15 sports (for a total of 98 events, compared to Summer's 26 sports/over 300 events), they are like the JV Olympics to the Summer Games' Varsity-esque legacy.

I'll be tuning in (tonight, since the actual Games start before the Opening Ceremony), cheering for the underdogs, the human interest stories, and sometimes even the Americans. If Bob Costas has anything to do with it, I'm game to check it out.

UPDATE: Bob Costas has pink eye. You are failing me, Sochi.

FURTHER UPDATE: Uruguay doesn't care about the Olympics, at least as far as Bailey knows. They are only worried about the World Cup right now.

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