Sunday, February 16, 2014

Chicago Auto Show 2014

Jesus and I went here today. An auto show is maybe a strange place to spend the day for a couple with only a 1996 Honda Civic between them (that is, Jesus owns a nearly 20-year old car and I have nothing with more than two wheels), but we enjoy a good convention as much as the next person. There's just something about huge buildings and hordes of people that sounds like a fun date for us.

Because this is the last weekend of the Auto Show, there really were hordes of people: families, couples, fathers and sons, and groups of high schoolers elbowed each other for glimpses of the latest models of both foreign and domestic vehicles. There were test rides, test sits, and lots of photo opportunities.

The lines for the Jeep and Toyota off-road test rides were super long, so Jesus and I opted for the street rides. Everyone else in line was waiting for the Dodge Charger, but we aren't picky. The ride coordinators shuffled us to the front of the line and we joined our driver in the small but powerful Fiat 500. While I doubt we'll purchase it anytime soon (or ever), it was fun pretending.

And that's what the day was like for the hordes--pretending to own concept cars, pretending to be outdoors surrounded by said concept cars, and pretending that road salt, ice, and snow weren't real things waiting for their real cars once they left for the day. If anyone could use a little imaginary escape, it's Chicago's car owners.


  1. There's something so cool about doing something where you can thoroughly immerse yourself in the pretend. And, oof, I can't even driving around in the mid-West right now.

    1. I don't even have a car and the thought of driving stresses me out right now!