Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Insidious: Chapter 2

There are few movie genres that Jesus and I both enjoy. The only movies we watch in theater are either animated (Wreck-It Ralph, Epic) or screen versions of YA books we've both read (Catching Fire, Ender's Game). When we watch movies casually at home, we like to revisit old favorites or check out musicals. On more special "date" nights, we go for horror. Horror = cuddles, so it makes perfect sense.

For Valentine's Day, we decided to watch the sequel to Insidious, aptly titled Insidious: Chapter 2. Insidious set things up for a sequel that would resolve its unanswered questions and bring a conclusion to its cliffhanger ending, and I:C2 follows through on both parts. Picking up shortly where the first left off, this sequel explains the back story of the Lambert family, especially Josh's childhood.

[A quick recap of Insidious: Josh and Renai Lambert and their children move to a new home. While exploring the attic, their son Dalton gets hurt. He later goes into a coma and travels to a realm called "The Further," where spirits of the dead roam. To get him back, Josh too must travel there--and he has to make sure none of the spirits follow them back to our world. It doesn't sound that scary, but it has its moments. The acting, script, and music all added to this scary thinker.]

What Jesus and I most appreciated about the sequel was its adherence to the "rules" that the original created. We learn that Josh has traveled to "The Further" while he sleeps since his childhood--an ability he passed on to his son, Dalton. Some of this is recapped from the first movie, but this time we see Josh as a young boy, and we see why grown up Josh didn't remember his otherworldly trips right away. The sequel also explains more about the spirits who inhabit "The Further"--why they are there instead of in a more permanent resting place, why they want to follow the living back into real life, and what happens when they succeed.

While I:C2 has some good scares, it was more story-driven than most horror flicks. It kept us thinking, making guesses as to how it would end, and re-evaluating our theories as the plot developed. The repeat performances were great, especially Lin Shaye as Elise Rainier, the ghost hunter/spiritual world guide who helps Josh and Dalton in their voyages through "The Further." If you haven't, check out Insidious. Then enlighten yourself with I:C2. Stay out of the cold and snow--find someone to snuggle you while you get scared from the comfort of your own couch.

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