Saturday, February 15, 2014

Pacific Rim

Sometimes you have to watch robot vs monster movies to placate your boyfriend. Sometimes you actually enjoy them, despite falling asleep at the movie's climax. After months of gently persuading me to watch Pacific Rim, followed by weeks of insistent pleading, followed by the outright purchase of the DVD, I finally gave in to Jesus' need for me to see this movie. I wasn't disappointed. [Note: Jesus had already seen the movie, so this was his second viewing. Also, my falling asleep had nothing to do with the movie's quality and everything to do with my inability to stay awake past 1:30 am.]

The plot is simple. Kaijus = monsters who enter this realm via a portal at the bottom of the Pacific Ocean. The first Kaiju appeared in 2013. Jaegers = the human answer to Kaijus, giant robots controlled by co-pilots who have connected their minds in a "neural bridge" so that they can together bear the load of pursuing and hunting the Kaijus. Now, in 2025, the Jaeger program gets shut down due to its ineffectiveness against stronger and more frequent Kaiju attacks. New plan: build a huge wall to keep the Kaijus away from humanity.

Raleigh Becket and his brother, Yancy, co-pilots of Gypsy Danger, used to be a dynamic duo in the Jaeger world. Raleigh retired after a traumatic hunt, but in Pacific Rim he is called back to duty for one final face-off against the Kaijus, where a thermonuclear bomb is to be deployed, closing the portal once and for all. He is paired with Mako Mori, a Jaeger expert and adopted daughter of Raleigh's Jaeger commander.

This is where things start to get a little fuzzy for me, summary-wise. It really doesn't matter how exciting a movie is, when my body decides it's done, I'm out. I fell asleep sometime during the climactic battle of Pacific Rim, so no worries of spoilers here! Up until sleep defeated me, the plot held up. The acting was believable, despite the outlandish story. I was even okay with the depiction of men/women/gender relations in this decidedly guy-geared movie. If you're willing to suspend some disbelief, Pacific Rim is fun and fast-paced. It has poetic moments and the high action, high drama feel of a summer blockbuster.

I even told Jesus I was game to re-watch the ending with him someday. Sorry for doubting you!

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