Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Two More Disgusting Days

Further proof I need to get out of this country:

Someone stole my bike lights the other day while I was in the grocery store. I usually take them off (along with my fender) when I lock up outside, but figured they'd be fine for a quick pit stop at Aldi. Nope.

I don't remember what being warm feels like, even inside my apartment. We keep the thermostat set to 68, but do we ever reach that? Nope.

My dreads are slowing creeping back into my hair.

My Lenten dish duty observance is faltering.

I can't see my tan lines anymore.

Yesterday I spilled some wine on myself and used my hair to wipe my face off.

I took a short nap halfway through writing this post.

I wore my pajamas to work the other day...underneath regular clothes for an extra layer of warmth.

My room rearrangements are getting pretty strange.

M let out a huge belch at work today. We are getting way too comfortable with each other and need time apart.

I keep dreaming about summer...also math addictions (yes, math not meth & addictions not additions) and old people beating me up....

I'm essentially surviving on caffeine and carbohydrates. And cheese.

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